Responsible and fair global academic partnerships

UniPID Seminar 2021: How to foster responsible and fair global academic partnerships: concepts, good practices, and tools for building collaboration

Date: Thursday 16th of December 2021
Place: Helsinki Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki) & Online
Time: 13-15 (UTC+2)
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Global academic collaborations are expected to be based on equal, reciprocal, and responsible partnerships. However, despite good intentions, North-South collaboration discourses and practices still often turn out to be fairly Eurocentric, failing to adequately reflect the aims for equality and reciprocity. This failure is related to issues such as how we understand and consider the complex global and local contexts and power relations in academic collaborations, how we engage our partners, and how we talk about and with our partners in the Global South.

The UniPID Seminar 2021 aims to provide participants with a framework for understanding what building more equitable global partnerships can look like in an academic context, as well as practical tools for undertaking this within their own partnerships to create more responsible and sustainable academic collaboration.

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