International projects – call for project applications

International Schools of Social Work (IASSW) annually invites proposals for projects, designed to advance social work education internationally.

Grants of up to US $4.000 are available for proposals submitted by IASSW members that can be expected to contribute to the implementation of the IASSW Mission Statement, and to the enhancement of cooperation among schools of social work world-wide.
This is a continuous aspect of IASSW activities but the final submission date for the next round of bids can be until October 31st 2021.

Details about projects (including eligibility criteria, guidelines for submission, criteria for evaluation of submitted proposals) are available at the IASSW web-site:

Before sending the proposal you should confirm following 2 criteria:

  1. The project coordinator and two-thirds of the partners have to be IASSW school members and one-third can be individual members.
  2. At least two years of IASSW membership prior to the grant application is required and the membership has to continue during the implementation of the project.

The project proposal should be sent to Chair of International Projects- Dr. David McNabb at chair of the IASSW International Projects Committee.