Another World is Possible – Radical Social Work Now Conference

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a rotten system of exploitation, inequality and oppression. It is a system that is destroying our planet and ecological system, that is racist to the core, that oppresses women, LGBT+ communities and minorities, and that leaves millions facing desperate poverty – whilst, at the same time, the wealth of the richest grows exponentially.

As radical social workers we are committed to fighting for a better world. We believe that another social work is possible – one that puts people before profit and is committed to services geared to meeting people’s needs.

This conference is about debating the issues that confront us, to sharpen and clarify our ideas and develop our practice and campaigning strategies.

We hope you enjoy the conference. We hope you will consider joining SWAN-I, if you are not already a member. And we hope to stand alongside you in the fight for an alternative better world.

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