A New Study on International Social Work Field Placement AIFE!

Welcome to a  new study which is an initiative of the Nordic Regional Resource Centre Social Work  IASSW!  As  professors in International and Transnational Social Work  we  believe that international field programs are underdeveloped, theorized and evaluated internationally. Many Nordic and Baltic Universities  AIFE involves an audit social work field-placements internationally. The starting point of this study is the understanding that different schools of social work organize field placements differently even when the national regulations in place are common. Even though the broad competencies of social work are similar across countries, placement organizations and management differ vastly. As academics interested in the transferability of skills as well as international social work, we would like to examine the different models of field work placements in different countries and the similarities, differences, opportunities and challenges that these present. We plan to ask your questions from the audit interview schedule  using Zoom or a similar platform and the interview will be digital recorded.

Researching the effectiveness of international fieldwork placements. Invitation to join the AIFE study!.

Study Aims:

  • To obtain an insight into the guiding principles that shape the placement structures, organisations and processes.
  • Understand the role of field  placement in different countries and schools of social work through
  • Identify the structures of field work placement and the ways in which international fieldwork is embedded in the program
  • Describe the processes in place for placement (including organisation, management, supervision and assessment of students)

If you are interested in participating research investigators: Janet Carter Anand, University of Eastern Finland & Chaitali Das, University of Applied Sciences, Nordic Baltic Regional Resource Centre (IASSW)

Need to check: https://studentuef-my.sharepoint.com/personal/janeta_uef_fi/Documents/International{9a6afce37cb7c79b659148338d8ca64c460d7a44434984a6fd870fd46ec1d940}20Fieldwork{9a6afce37cb7c79b659148338d8ca64c460d7a44434984a6fd870fd46ec1d940}20placement{9a6afce37cb7c79b659148338d8ca64c460d7a44434984a6fd870fd46ec1d940}20study/Interview{9a6afce37cb7c79b659148338d8ca64c460d7a44434984a6fd870fd46ec1d940}20Consent{9a6afce37cb7c79b659148338d8ca64c460d7a44434984a6fd870fd46ec1d940}20Form_AIFE.docx#_msoanchor_1