Meet the team

The partnership is coordinated by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany and the University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Chaitali Das

Professor in Transnational and International Social Work - Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt, Germany)

Recent publications:

* Das, C. ‘Family definitions and post divorce relations of British-Indian adult children of divorce’ (under development)
* Anand, A., Das, C., Veszteg, C. and Batbaatar, E. ‘Tripping over differences: Reflections of the experience of International Research Collaboration’. In Migrants and Practitioner Research. Routledge: Melbourne University (Expected publication in 2019)
* Anand, A., Borrmann, S. and Das, C. ‘Resisting Populism: Case Studies in European Social Work’ In: C. Noble and G. Ottman (ed) The Challenge of Nationalist Populism for Social Work. (Expected publication in 2019)
* Carter-Anand, J. and Das, C. (2019) Global-mindedness in Social Work, Reshaping Social Work Series: edited by R. Adams, L. Dominelli and M. Payne. United Kingdom: Palgrave MacMillan.

Janet Anand

Professor in International Social Work - University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland)

Recent publications:

* McFadden, P., Russ, E., Blakeman, P., Kirwin, G., Anand, J., Lähteinen, S., & Tham, P. (2020). COVID-19 impact on social work admissions and education in seven international universities. Social Work Education, 39(8), 1154-1163.
* Mäki-Opas, T., Anand, J. C., Veszteg, C., & Vaarama, M. (2020). Co-production of social experiments to promote health and well-being among disadvantaged groups together with key stakeholders. Stakeholder Involvement in Social Marketing: Challenges and Approaches to Engagement, 132.
* Anand, J. C., Borrmann, S., Das, C., (2020).  Resisting the rise of right-wing populism. European social work examples. In The  Challenge of Nationalist Populism for Social Work: A Human Rights Approach (Chapter 13). London, Routledge.
* Anand, J. C., Das, C., Veszteg, C., & Batbaatar, E. (2020). The performance of researching with migrants and refugees. In The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Practice Research (pp. 430-440). London, Routledge.

Lynette Joubert

Professor of Social Work - University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)

Recent publications:

*Joubert, Lynette & Webber, Martin. (2020). The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Practice Research.
* Dodemaide, P., Joubert, L., Merolli, M., Hill, N. 2019 Exploring the therapeutic and nontherapeutic affordances of social media use by young adults with lived experience of selfharm or suicidal ideation a scoping reiview. Cyberpsychology Behaviour and Social Networking 22 10 622 63
* Stafford, L., Sinclair, M., Newman, L., Rauch, P., Gilham, L., Cannell, J., Mason, K., Joubertl., Hocking,A. 2019 Why did we fail ? challenges recruiting parents with cancer into a psychoeducational support program. Psychooncology, 28, 2425 242
* Berger, I., Thompson, K., & Joubert, L. (2019). An Exploratory Study into the Experience of Health Care Professionals Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults with Incurable Cancer. JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT AND YOUNG ADULT ONCOLOGY, 5 pages. doi:10.1089/jayao.2018.0154

Guðbjörg Ottósdóttir

Lecturer (UK), Assisstant Professor (USA), Senior Lecturer (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Recent publications:

* Egilson, S.Þ., Ottósdóttir, G. and Skaptadóttir, U.D., 2020. The Intersection of Childhood Disability and Migration in Family Lives. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, 22(1), pp.25–34. DOI:
* Ottósdóttir, G., & Freysteinsdóttir, F. J. (2020). „En samt ég bara, ég get ekki “Áhrif fátæktar á félagslega þátttöku barna innflytjenda. Tímarit Félagsráðgjafa, 14(1).

Anastasia Karpunina

Docent in Social Work - Russian State Social University (Moscow, Russia)

Recent publications:

Aila Määttä

Senior advisor - Nordic Welfare Center


* Active and healthy ageing in the Nordic region –

Justinas Sadauskas

Associate Professor - Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnus, Lithuania)

Recent publications:

* Indrašienė, Valdonė & Jegelevičienė, Violeta & Merfeldaite, Odeta & Penkauskiene, Daiva & Pivoriene, Jolanta & Railienė, Asta & Sadauskas, Justinas & Valavičienė, Natalija. (2021). Linking Critical Thinking and Knowledge Management: A Conceptual Analysis. Sustainability. 13. 1476. 10.3390/su13031476.
* Jegelevičienė, Violeta & Merfeldaite, Odeta & Penkauskiene, Daiva & Pivoriene, Jolanta & Railienė, Asta & Sadauskas, Justinas & Valavičienė, Natalija & Indrašienė, Valdonė. (2020). University Faculty Members Conceptions of Critical Thinking: A Continuum from Individualism to Sociability. Hacettepe University Journal of Education. 1-14. 10.16986/HUJE.2020065347.
* Valavičienė, Natalija & Penkauskiene, Daiva & Pivoriene, Jolanta & Railienė, Asta & Merfeldaite, Odeta & Sadauskas, Justinas & Jegelevičienė, Violeta & Indrašienė, Valdonė. (2020). CRITICAL THINKING EMBEDDEDNESS IN HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMMES. Journal of Education Culture and Society. 11. 121-132. 10.15503/jecs2020.2.121.132.

Steven Arnfjord

Head of department, sociologist, associate professor - Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism Department of Social Sciences ( Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland)

Recent publications:

* Christensen, J. & Anfjord, S. 2020. Resettlement, urbanization and rural-urban homelessness geographies in Greenland –
* Helene Pristed Nielsen ; Erika Anne Hayfield ; Steven Arnfjord. 2020. Equality in Isolated Labour Markets: Equal opportunities for men and women in geographically isolated labour markets in Læsø (DK), Suðuroy (FO), and Narsaq (GL) –
* Steven Arnfjord. 2020. Greenland’s emerging social conscience – Voluntary food delivery to people experiencing homelessness in Nuuk. Qualitative Social Work. DOI number: 10.1177/1473325020973209

Anne Margrethe Sønneland

Associate professor (sociologist) - Faculty of Social Studies (VID University, Oslo, Norway)

Recent publications:

* Sønneland, A.M. 2020. Social Work in a Changing Scandinavian Welfare State: Norway. In S.M. Sajid, R. Baikady, C. Sheng-Li & H. Sagakuchi. 2020. The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Work Education. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. DOI:

* Sønneland, Anne Margrethe (red.). Alle skal med? Om likhet, arbeidslinje og alles rett til velferd i et samfunn i endring.

Ceren Şengül

Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre Maurice Halbwachs "Ecole Normale Supérieure" (Paris, France)

Recent publications:

* Customized Forms of Kurdishness in Turkey: State Rhetoric, Locality, and Language Use. 2018. London: Lexington Books.

Emme-Li Vingare

Senior Lecturer - Linnaeus University (Växjö, Sweden)

Recent publications:

* Vingare, E., Giertz, L., Melin Emilsson, U. (2020). Do national guidelines have any impact? : a comparison of nine Swedish municipalities and the Dementia care. Nordic Social Work Research. 10. 51-65.
* Giertz, L., Melin Emilsson, U., Vingare, E. (2019). Family caregivers and decision-making for older people with dementia. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law. 41. 321-338.
* Lethin, C., Hallberg, I.R., Vingare, E., Giertz, L. (2019). Persons with Dementia Living at Home or in Nursing Homes in Nine Swedish Urban or Rural Municipalities. Healthcare. 7. 1-13.
* Beijer, U., Vingare, E., Eriksson, H.G., Umb Carlsson, Õ. (2018). Are clear boundaries a prerequisite for well-functioning collaboration in home health care? : A mixed methods study. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 32. 128-137.

Ingo Stamm

Postdoctoral researcher, Kokkola University of Chydenius (Kokkola, Finland)

Recent publications:

*Matthies, Aila-Leena & Krings, Amy & Stamm, Ingo. (2020). Guest Editorial: Research-based knowledge about social work and sustainability. International Journal of Social Welfare. 29. 297-299. 10.1111/ijsw.12462.
* Matthies, Aila-Leena & Peeters, Jef & Hirvilammi, Tuuli & Stamm, Ingo. (2020). Ecosocial innovations enabling social work to promote new forms of sustainable economy. International Journal of Social Welfare. 10.1111/ijsw.12423.
* Stamm, Ingo & Matthies, Aila-Leena & Hirvilammi, Tuuli & Närhi, Kati. (2020). Combining labour market and unemployment policies with environmental sustainability? A cross-national study on ecosocial innovations. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy. 36. 42-56. 10.1017/ics.2020.4.
* Hirvilammi, Tuuli & Väyrynen, Marianne & Stamm, Ingo & Matthies, Aila-Leena & Närhi, Kati. (2019). Reflecting on Work Values with Young Unemployed Adults in Finland. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies. 9. 10.18291/njwls.v9i2.114802.

Stefan Borrmann

Dean of Faculty and Professor for International Social Work Research - Hochschule Landshut, University of Applied Sciences (Landshut, Germany)

Recent publications:

* Borrmann, Stefan (2020): Personal and Structural Prerequisites for International Social Work Education. In: Rosskopf, Ralph/Heilmann, Bettina (Ed.): Handbook for International Social Work with Refugees. Barbara Budrich Publishers, pp. xx-xx (im Erscheinen)
* Borrmann, Stefan (2020): Soziale Arbeit, Sozialpädagogik und soziale Kohäsion. Welchen Beitrag können wissenschaftlich-disziplinär zu trennende Teilbereiche der Sozialen Arbeit zur Bestimmung einer normativen Zielsetzung dieser leisten? In: Birgmeier, Bernd/Mührel, Eric/Winkler, Michael (Hrsg.): Sozialpädagogische Seitensprünge. Einsichten von außen, Aussichten von innen: Befunde und Visionen zur Sozialpädagogik. Beltz Juventa, Weinheim, S. 51-58
*Borrmann, Stefan (2019): Ethical Dilemmas when working with right-winged youth groups. In: Marson, Stephen M./McKinney, Robert E. (Ed.): The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Ethics and Values. Routledge, pp. 206-214

Natalie Joubert

Doctoral Student in Welfare, Health and Management (WELMA) - University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland)

Recent publications:

* Joubert, Natalie, Anand, Janet Carter and Mäki-Opas, Tomi, (2020), Migration as a Challenge to the Sustainability of Nordic Gender Equality Policies as Highlighted through the Lived Experiences of Eritrean Mothers Living in Denmark, Sustainability, 12, issue 23.

Ulrika Järkestig Berggren

Associate Professor - Linnaeus University (Växjö, Sweden)

Recent publications:

* Berggren, J., Torpsten, A., Järkestig Berggren, U. (2020). Education is my passport : experiences of institutional obstacles among immigrant youth in the Swedish upper secondary educational system. Journal of Youth Studies. 1-15.
* Bergman, A., Melin Emilsson, U., Järkestig Berggren, U. (2020). Persons with certain functional impairments apply for parenting support : a study of personal assistance assessments in Sweden. Nordic Social Work Research.
* Järkestig Berggren, U., Melin Emilsson, U., Bergman, A. (2019). Strategies of austerity used in needs assessments for personal assistance – changing Swedish social policy for persons with disabilities. European Journal of Social Work. 1-13.
* Järkestig Berggren, U., Bergman, A., Eriksson, M., Priebe, G. (2019). Young carers in Sweden — A pilot study of care activities, view of caring, and psychological well‐being. Child & Family Social Work. 24. 292-300.

Timo Toikko

Professor of Social Work - University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland)

Recent publication:

* Historiatietoisuus sosiaalityön itseymmärryksen rakentajana. Hämäläinen, Juha; Toikko, Timo / Sosiaalityön käänteet. 2020.
* The effects of loneliness and social isolation on all-cause, injury, cancer, and CVD mortality in a cohort of middle-aged Finnish men. A prospective study. Kraav, Siiri-Liisi; Awoyemi, Olutosin; Junttila, Niina; Vornanen, Riitta; Kauhanen, Jussi; Toikko, Timo; Lehto, Soili M; Hantunen, Sari; Tolmunen, Tommi. Aging and mental health. 2020.
* Paikkasidoksen ja hyvinvoinnin suhde sosiaalisen riskin tilanteissa. Pehkonen, Aini; Toikko, Timo / Elämää sinnittelevässä pikkukaupungissa: varkautelaisten arki ja hyvinvointi. 2020.
* Are Children With a Number of Disabilities and Long-Term Illnesses at Increased Risk of Mental Violence, Disciplinary Violence, and Serious Violence?. Seppälä, Piia; Vornanen, Riitta; Toikko, Timo. Journal of interpersonal violence. 2020.

Reeli Sirotkina

Lecturer of social work - Tallinn University, School of Governance, Law and Society (Tallinn,Estonia)

Recent publications:

* Sirotkina, R., Kriisk, K., Mitendorf, A. (2020). Estonia. In: Dominelli, Lena; Harrikari, Timo; Mooney, Joseph; Leskošek, Vesna; Kennedy Tsunoda, Erin. (Ed.). Covid-19 and Social Work: A Collection of Country Reports (33−39). IASSW kodulehel: kodulehel avaldatud veebiväljaanne.
* Sirotkina, Reeli (2020). Inspireerivaid mõtteid Dubrovnikust. Ajakiri Sotsiaaltöö.
* Tambaum, Tiina; Tuul, Felika; Sirotkina, Reeli (2019). What is missing – older male learners or a community strategy. Andragoška spoznanja, 25 (2), 67−79. DOI: 10.4312/as.25.2. pp 67-79.
* Strömpl, Judit; Kutsar, Dagmar; Selg, Marju; Linno, Merle; Sirotkina, Reeli; Narusson, Dagmar (2017). Training research-minded social workers: experience from Estonia. European Journal of Social Work, 20 (3), 361−373.10.1080/13691457.2017.1283590.

Virpi Lund

Senior Lecturer in Social Services - Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Vantaa, Finland)

Recent publications:

* Juujärvi, S. & Lund, V. 2020. Participatory action research as a value-based approach to community develement.
* Lund, V. 2020. Citizen involvement in participatory action research process in community development.
* Lund, V. & Kerosuo, H. 2019. The reciprocal development of the object of common space and the emergence of the collective agency in residents’ workshops. Learning Culture and Social Interaction, 22.
* Lund, V. & Juujärvi, S. 2018. Residents’ agency makes a difference in volunteering in an urban neighbourhood. International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 29 (4), 756–769.

Ayat Nashwan

Associate Professor - Department of Sociology and Social Work (Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan)

Recent publications:

* Mencutek, Zeynep & Nashwan, Ayat. (2020). Employment of Syrian refugees in Jordan: challenges and opportunities. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work. 1-23. 10.1080/15313204.2020.1753614.
* Mencutek, Zeynep & Nashwan, Ayat. (2020). Perceptions About the Labor Market Integration of Refugees: Evidences from Syrian Refugees in Jordan. Journal of International Migration and Integration. 22. 10.1007/s12134-020-00756-3.
* Akkawi, Aya & Nashwan, Ayat. (2019). My Name is Salma and I am a Victim of Honor Crimes: (Re) conceptualizing Honor Killing and Stigma against Women.